The hand work will never end!
Some work will still need
the man’s hand,
the man’s mind to do it.
— The Machinist
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The Machinist

soft–cover Book
306 pages

each book has been inked by hand to recreate textures of the workshop.


Through the lens of design, this book documents the stories of a lathe machinist and his community in the Jalan Besar district of Singapore. In their words, we learn how they come to dedicate their entire lives to mastering a skill, and question the meaning of craft in a rapidly changing urban context.  

Featuring oral transcripts and architectural drawings from the documentation of six family firms in the auto and ship repair industries of Jalan Besar, interviews with designer Masayo Ave, vintage car collector Larry Lim, and essays by architect Woo Pui Leng, writer Justin Zhuang and columnist Lin Renyu. 

edited by Wendy Chua, Xin Xiaochang and Yuki Mitsuyasu.

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When we feel lost in life,
we can get to know the craftsmen,
spend some time with them,
learn their living attitudes,
their understanding of labour
and the spirit in their hand skills.
Perhaps, that is the work
we were meant to do.
— Shiono Yonematsu

a short film

Hup Yick Engineering Works